Club Med for Former Dictators! The Ultimate Vacation Getaway!

So you are a former head of some Middle Eastern country and recently had a small revolution in your country? Don't want to go into exile, but could use a vacation from all of the political turmoil?

We have the Ultimate Vacation Getaway for Former Dictators. Check out our all-inclusive package designed to pamper even the most Obsessed  Megalomaniac.World-class accommodations aboard our luxury cruiser.

Package includes:

All Meals included from our 5 star Chefs.
Open Bar all night with Disco DJ's. 
Plenty of Minions to order around.
Up to 72 Private Cabins for all of your wives.
24 hours access to our fitness center (also doubles as a torture chamber!)
Hand-picked Scandinavian Nurses to attend to your "personal" needs.

Also Available for Private V.I.P. Parties:
Other former Dictators to share stories of the Good Old Days with.
Private Helicopter landing pad (Not that you will need to go anywhere.)

All of this as we sail around the Mediterranean while you make plans for your final place of Exile.
Working Itinerary: We are still looking for a port that will allow us to dock.
Expected Departure Date: May 1st.

Cabins are filling  up quickly. Call today to book your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime cruise.

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